Our Ambulance Services

the first thing that people think of when any mishap occurs, is the ambulance. But sadly, contacting them at the time of need often turns out to be more painstaking than one could expect. With Empathy at the core, Actage is an integrated preventive health care approach leading to healthy and active ageing.


Reliable and Trusted Ambulance Services by Aapkilathi

Highly advanced mobile hospital or ambulance service with the most recent life-saving tools for medical transport.Our network of ambulance 24*7 assistance is well-equipped and capable of responding to any emergency in the best and safest way possible. Both emergency and non-emergency conditions are covered by our transportation services. We can guarantee a speedy and easy trip for our customers thanks to our skilled drivers and medical team. We currently provide speedy and high-quality services to people throughout India. All of our ambulances are outfitted with cutting-edge technology that allows us to provide door-to-door customer support without endangering the health of our customers. They also contain all the procedures to revive a patient in the event of an emergency. You will receive a fully functional ICU unit on wheels from our staff and equipment, along with plenty of oxygen support.
We offer two levels of service:

1. Basic Life Support (BLS)

These services are most appropriate for seniors, young adults, and kids

  • Patient transportation is not urgent.
  • Transport for radiological appointments to nearby hospitals.
  • Discharges from hospitals and transportation to appointments for physiotherapy, dialysis, or other services.
  • Pregnant women should have regular health examinations.

2. Cardiac Life Support Advance (ACLS)

It is advised to use these services if:

Cardiac Emergency
Anytime an acute cardiac attack is detected, a crew is sent right away with all the necessary emergency supplies to assure the safety and quality of care until they can visit a tertiary care facility.

Patient in Critical Condition
We specialise in providing a safe exit for patients who need ventilators, have had septic shock or multiorgan failure, and thus are dependent on various forms of life support. These individuals require rapid transportation to tertiary care facilities for additional medical attention.Transporting these patients from bed to bed while maintaining the life support systems was necessary.

Children's Emergency
Whenever it concerns the safety of your family members, particularly kids and newborns, ACLS service is extremely important. The transport is seamless and safe thanks to our team, which includes a paediatrician and equipment designed specifically for kids.These are the kinds of mobility that our ACLS service can provide. This is assisted by an ICU-trained physician and a skilled paramedic. This support is available not just in Ranchi but also in other nearby cities with a road connection.