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Aapkilathi salutes the spirit of the septuagenarian mother Mrs. Pramila Gantayat. Fighting all alone against cancer was not easy, specially with no-one around her in Bhubaneswar during the Pandemic.

Mrs. Gantayat believed in herself, didn’t give up, and was determined to take their critical health complications heads-on. Elderly doesn’t mean you need any prosthetic! They represent Gen-S the best, their sheer determination and strong will power – Na Rukenge Na Jhukenge- emboldens not only the Elders but equally inspires the youth.

Its is this inspiration of Mrs. Gantayat which challenges the fundamental narrative of how we perceive and think about Elders.. She is the real change catalyst bringing the NEW Elderly

Listen to Mrs. Pramila Gantayat:-

Mrs Gantayat @ 72 – 3-5kms of everyday walk

We believe every Elder has a story that needs to be heard. They have all answers to the past which you need to solve the future.

Share your story and be an inspiration. Yes, CHANGE is indeed NOW!

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