Celebrating Women On Women’s Day!!

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Happy Women’s Day to all the wonderful women out there!

A single day won’t be enough to celebrate women. All her life, women selflessly sacrifice a lot to see smiles in the faces of the people around her. However, it’s saddening to see women still fighting for equality and their basic needs. Women in many parts of the world are still facing oppression in one way or the other. All these struggles make women stronger and boost them to flow like a river.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama

Life is not a bed of roses. The voyage to success in life isn’t a cakewalk. One has to break millions of hurdles that are laid in front of them to make it to the top. Especially, when it comes to women there are extra thorns in the path. She strives hard to shatter these obstacles and make stuff fall in place. Every woman fights her own battles to make it to the end.

Often we consider that old age is not an age for fulfilling our dreams. Many after reaching their 50s think that their life has come to halt and that they can’t achieve anything in life. This article is going to throw light on those wonder women who have proved to us that age isn’t a limitation to pursuing what we are passionate about. These inspiring women have shown us that nothing can hinder a determined spirit.

Bhanumati Rao:

Bhanumati Rao born in Kerala in the year 1923, made it to the limelight in 2016 through her dance performance at an event in Bengaluru. She was a classical dancer who through her performances never failed to make people go speechless. Her stage performance in 2016, gained her a widespread of fans. Her daughter remarked, “Dance isn’t her hobby, but life” Bhanumati Rao passed away in February 2022. The documentary ‘Oh That’s Bhanu’ was directed by RV Ramani based on Bhanumati Rao’s life. It received Bala Kailasam Award. Isn’t this 90+ aged woman an inspiration to keep doing what we are passionate about?

Oh That's Bhanu: Capturing dance, life and truth of Bhanumathi Rao |  Entertainment News,The Indian Express
Bhanumati Rao

V Nanammal:

V. Nanammal, often known as Yoga Paati (granny), was a Yoga practitioner who taught millions of people. For her passion for yoga, she has received several honors.

Some of the key accomplishments of this yoga paati include mastering over 50 asanas, instructing 100 students every day, teaching yoga to millions of pupils throughout her lifetime, and practicing yoga for approximately 91 years. Thousands of Nanammal’s pupils are yoga instructors.

99-year-old 'Yoga Grandma' V Nanammal passes away in Coimbatore- The New  Indian Express
V Nanammal

Sudhira Devi:

Sudhira Devi is a prodigy in the  Sikki arts. She has been performing this art since she was a youngster and is a key figure in its expansion across India. She is enthusiastic about Sikki art and has been to Patna to display her Sikki goods at the Surajkand Trade Fair, the Craft Museum, and Gandhi Maidaan, as well as Chattisgarh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Udaipur, Sikkim, and Gaya. She’s even helped to set up a teaching program at Orissa’s KIIT. Sudhira Devi and her husband were both honored with the National Certificate of Merit Award in 2016. Sikki grass products are cost-effective, biodegradable, organic, and long-lasting since they are created from a specific type of grass that grows in wetlands.

Sudhira Devi

Harbhajan Kaur:

In a conversation with her daughter, Mrs. Kaur stated that at the age of 90 she would start an independent business. Since she didn’t want to be stuck at home. In the beginning, she produced and sold 5 kilograms of besan barfi. Four years later she started getting recognition after an article was published. She has established Harbhajan’s. Due to the increasing curiosity among the people to know about Harbhajan Kaur an Instagram account was started. Pandemic has been beneficial to Harbhajan Kaur. Many people wanted to buy home-cooked food because of the lockdown and worry about the virus, so they contacted the Harbhajan’s and launched a delivery business. They resumed shipping orders after the lockdown was lifted. Today, social media accounts for about 70% of their orders, with word-of-mouth accounting for 30%.

Harbhajan Kaur Started Her Besan Barfi Startup At The Age Of 90
Harbhajan Kaur

Once again, Wishing all of you a Happy Women’s Day!! Rock the world!!

Shreenithi KC

Creative Content Intern at Aapkilathi.