Guess Who Has Built A House For Idli Amma!!

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Providing food has become a massive money-making business in the present day. Very few people see serving food to the community as a service. This article would like to introduce a selfless idli amma from Tamil Nadu, Kamalathal. This octogenarian sells Idli, a South Indian breakfast for Re.1. These Re.1 idlis are a blessing to low-income workers and migrants. 

Idli Amma - Feeding the poor in a lockdown: The story of an 85-year-old  woman | The Economic Times

Kamalathal hails from Vadivelampalayam, situated on the outskirts of Coimbatore, a district in Tamil Nadu. This 85-year-old woman has been doing the business for the past 30 years. She is fondly called Paatima (granny) by everyone.

On probing deeper into the life of the paatima, we additionally got to know about her everyday life. The busy bee wakes up early at 5.00 AM every day. Along with her son, she visits the market to buy the required ingredients for sambar (lentil soup served along with idlis). This is followed by grinding chutney in aatukallu (a traditional hand grinder used to grind) on her own hands. She modifies the chutney on a regular basis to keep the dish interesting. Even now, Paatima cooks idlis on a traditional mud stove. She opens her business at 6 a.m. to welcome visitors and closes at noon. This paatima sells 600 idlis each day.

Three years ago, a video of Kamalathal made the talk of the nation. A video of Kamalathal preparing idlis on a wooden stove went viral and grabbed the attention of many people across the nation.

The video of Re.1 Idli amma has reached many eminent people too. The business magnate, an inspiration to many, Anand Mahindra is one among those who have been astonished by the idli amma.

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Anand Mahindra

Years ago, he even shared the same on Twitter, a microblogging site. He also extended his interest to invest in her business.

Seeing the toils of this old woman who feeds everyone with food at a low cost, Anand Mahindra on April 02, 2021, promised to construct a house/workspace for the idli amma and thanked many for helping for the same. He even tweeted about the same on Twitter.

Fast forward to May 08, 2022, on Mother’s day Anand Mahindra shared a video of Kamalathal opening her new home/ workspace and wished mothers’ day to everyone. He also thanked his team for completing the work on time.

This deed of Anand Mahindra makes us believe in the undying love and care human beings hold for one another. This teaches everyone a lesson to help humanity irrespective of who we are. This takes us back to a similar deed of Anand Mahindra in the past. Previously, in October 2019, in response to a viral video of Mysuru resident Dakshinamurty Krishna Kumar, who left a bank job to travel 48,100 km on a scooter with his mother to show her the length and breadth of India, Mahindra said he would like to gift a Mahindra KUV 100 NXT for the mother-son duo’s next journey. Kumar received the vehicle he had been promised a year later.

Shreenithi KC

Creative Content Intern at Aapkilathi.