An 85-year-old Indian couple launches their own herbal hair oil:

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It is never late to start something new in your life. It is true that age is just a number. Two senior citizens Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary are retired couples from Surat, Gujarat, who launched Avimee Herbal Hair Oil in June 2021. The couple prioritises Keshpallav hair oil over money. Their daughter’s hair fall issue was the initiation of their business. The couple was disturbed by their daughter’s distress. Unlike normal parents, they took it seriously and made a research about the reasons for hair loss and the ways to treat it. Radhakrishna came out with a number of attempts like hair masks, oils and other treatments. Finally, he decided to make a product himself. The couple came out with oil made which is entirely natural and includes some 50 herbs. It actually gave good results and changed the texture of their daughter’s hair. It is made of ayurvedic herbs, pure coconut oil, sesame oil and olive oil. The couple experimented with the oil by using it themselves for a period of three months. It gradually reduced hair fall, straightens your hair and also makes your hair healthy and strong. Avimee herbal reached all over their close ones. Basically handmade products have a good effect on hair and skin. After getting satisfying results, the couple decided to launch their product on the market. They named their product Avimee Herbals, which is a chemical-free natural oil. They claim their oil helps with male pattern baldness, hair fall and other issues. Both Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary puts quality on top. They do not compromise on quality and provide excellent hair products. The start-up has gained momentum and attention and is hovering to solve people’s issues with utmost certainty. Apart from hair oil, Avimee Herbal has other products like hair sprays, skin care products and pain relief balms. All of their products are chemical-free and herbal. Dreams never fade, and age is just a number.