A 77-year-old woman’s inspiring story of entrepreneurship

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 It’s unusual to hear that grandparents help their grandchildren to start businesses and succeed. Urmila Asher, a 77- time-old woman has achieved a development of 3 Lakh per month in her Gujarati Snack business. Urmila Asher has faced a bad history of losing all her loved ones. Urmila lost her son when she was two and half times old and lost her two sons due to heart disease and brain tumours. In 2019, her only Grandson, Harsh met with an accident and got his lip injured which made a major change in his face and redounded some identity extremity issues. The boy was depressed and stayed back at home. Harsh completed his MBA in 2012 and worked with the Oman Ministry to promote tourism in India. In 2014, he quit his job to start an adventure of commercial gifts and wares by uniting with the consulates. This is when the family lost their financial stability. Her plan was to start a business that would help them earn a living. The grandmother and the grandson started a shop simply for Gujarati delectables and named it “ Gujju Ben Na Nashta ”. Their business flourished and came popular each over Charni road, Mumbai. It gained them a yearly development of 3 Lakh rupees. Urmila Asher has converted from an entrepreneur to a TedX speaker. Until also, Gujju Ben’s food business was limited to making achaars, which originally, ended only in fits and thresholds; and secondly, wouldn’t vend at each formerly pickling season got over. Urmila Asher runs a Gujarati snacks incipiency with her grandson Harsh, which sells pickles, thepla, dhokla, Puran Poli, halwa, sabudana khichdi, farali pattice, and a host of other tasteful dishes. Harsh and his mama manage the orders and help Dadi with the quilting work. Urmila says there’s no secret for her dishes. She spends nearly 12 hours in the kitchen for her business and doesn’t feel tired as cuisine is her only passion. Urmila guarantees that her pickles can last for nearly three times. She wants her food to be healthy, fresh and of good quality for the guests. She also has another communication. “ I lost my children when they were youthful. There’s no denying that I miss them every day. But I can’t keep crying. I moved on, and people should learn to do the same. That’s why I wanted to help Harsh and give him the right strength when he needs it most. Supporting each other makes life easy, ” Urmila says. The accomplishments of Urmila Dadi prove that age is just a number, and someone can achieve beyond that if they truly are passionate and determined.