Aapkilathi Believes in Empowering Living & Healthy Elderly Aging

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India is rapidly aging. The nation would soon have the world’s most populous country and approximately 32 crore senior individuals will live there (above 60 years). We now enjoy a longer life expectancy as a result of the enormous developments made in the healthcare sector.

However the real query is: how are we going to age? Our older population is obliged to take the burden of chronic diseases & increased medical costs together with a higher life expectancy.

The condition of aging has a massive effect on not just the person but also the country’s general social and economic standing. The unavoidable ageing process can be made healthy and enjoyable with the help of geriatric treatment.

Healthy Elderly Actage Program with Aapkilathi

Aapkilathi Healthy Actage Eldercare Service in India is a thorough programme run by us that addresses the clinical, functional, and psychological aspects of your elderly family members.

With growing age, few common problems that seniors deal with as they age, including memory problems, visual and hearing problems, bowel and bladder problems. Balance issues, mobility issues, as well as a higher risk of falling could all occur.

It is possible to experience loneliness as well as a sensation of alienation. They might not have been able to control their own schedule as effectively as before. In Aapkilathi, the unique requirements of the aged are carefully considered, as well as a number of interventions are provided in accordance with their distinct medical profiles to assist them achieve optimum physical, mental, or social well-being.

The Secret to Healthy Ageing is Actage Eldercare India

The ability to lead a decent quality of life could be provided via elderly treatment, which entails a series of therapeutic intervention to reduce sickness and enhancing aged people’s mobility, independence, or self-confidence.

Elderly care has been made available as a component of hospital healthcare provision in advanced health care models. Lately, specialised operators have joined the market to provide holistic & committed care for the aged with the goal of improving participation outcomes in terms of their general health & daily activities (ADL).

A comprehensive evaluation, overseen by a medical doctor, is part of the Actage and includes analyses of medical profiles, physiotherapy, dietary, respiratory, or emotional needs.

Advantages of Specialised Elderly Physiotherapy

  • Morbidities, physiological, functional, or psychological wellbeing management
  • Risk evaluation with fractures and age-related fall prevention
  • Maintain or enhance mental functioning in accordance with the objectives of rehabilitation
  • Timely health examinations, vaccinations, lab tests, and any necessary investigations
  • A specialised diet for improved immunity and general health
  • Diagnostic criteria to assist with carrying out daily tasks
  • Enhancement of life quality, self-worth, or confidence


In our Indian culture, elders have a unique and valued position. We have a lengthy cultural practise of taking care of our elderly relatives and giving them a comforting and happy experiences in their senior years.

At Aapkilathi, elder care company in India, we recognise the importance of our Elders and also have a thorough understanding of the requirements. This enables us to care for them thoroughly according to set guidelines and elder care treatments.

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