The Importance of Physical Exercise for Healthy Aging

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Daily physical exercise is one of the most crucial activities you can do for your wellness as an ageing adult. Several age-related health issues can be avoided or delayed by using it.

Additionally, it supports muscular growth so that you can continue carrying out daily tasks independently.

Remember that even a little exercise is better than nothing at all. The more physical exercise you engage in, the more advantages there will be for your health.

Adults 65 and older must have:

A minimum of 150 minutes per week—for instance, 30 minutes per day, five days per week—of daily exercise like brisk walking. Or you need to do the exercises for 75 minutes per week of like jogging, running, or mountaineering activities.

You need to practice the muscle-building exercises at least for two days every week.

On about three days each week, engage in balance-enhancing exercises like standing on one foot.

Be as fit and healthy as your capabilities and circumstances permit and prevent chronic conditions.

Sit less and move around more

Senior citizens should get up and move more frequently during the day.

Remember that any physical activity is preferable to none. Sitting and any level of vigorous exercise for older people have certain health benefits. The more you exercise you the more will get the benefits there for your health.

Here are some most beneficial exercises you can do:

Aerobic exercise with a medium intensity

Brisk walking for 150 minutes, for instance, 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Muscle-Building Exercises

You can do muscle-building exercises for two or more days every week that involve your legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Balance Activities

Practice balance activities like walking backward, balancing on one leg, three days a week.

Muscle-Strengthening Exercises

Along with aerobic exercise, you should strengthen your muscles at least two days a week. These kinds of exercises will assist in preventing muscle loss as you age.

You must perform muscle-strengthening exercises to the point where you require assistance to complete another repetition in order to reap the health advantages. A repeat is one whole motion of an action, such as one sit-up or one lift of a weight. For each exercise, aim for 8–12 repetitions, which counts as 1 set. Try to perform at least 1 set of muscle-building exercises, but 2 or 3 sets will provide much greater rewards.

Either at home or in the gym, there are numerous ways to build muscles. Your chosen exercises should strengthen all of your body’s primary muscle groups (legs, hips, back, chest, abdomen, shoulders, and arms). You could attempt:

  • Lift weights
  • Exercise using elastic bands
  • Exercising with your own body weight as resistance (push-ups, sit-ups)
  • Gardening (digging, shoveling)
  • Various types of yoga


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