Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life,for which the first was made.

- Robert Browning

Hum Tum

Hum-Tum is all about engagement, fun, making friends and living this second innings DIL KHOL KE.

It focusses on quality of relationships rather quantity thereby adopting a more thoughtful approach to social isolation and loneliness than what is in place today. You can be lonely in a crowded room, Hum-Tum aims to bridge the subjective feeling about the gap between an Elder’s desired levels of social contact and their actual level of social contact.


Engagement drives joy


A smart platform dedicated to ease communication and encourage social engagements amongst seniors and helping them create their own social network by sharing their life experiences and stories with likeminded people

With the advancement of technology, staying connected with your peers and actively participating in various events and activities during a global pandemic could not have been easier. Hum-Tum provides a spectrum of opportunities to the elderly to learn new tricks and trades and become more digitally savvy.


Now, you can participate in laughter therapy sessions to ease your stress or make your favorite dishes or even better spend a quiet afternoon playing cards.

It’s the senior led platform as such they design what they want interesting for themselves. Some of the activities around Hum-Tum includes

Virtual musical evenings

Screening of old Bollywood/ Hollywood movies at a common place.

Book reading sessions- for new as well as old books.

Yoga and meditation classes

Laughter therapy sessions

Bridge/ Rummy- an afternoon of cards

Cooking competitions

Gardening workshops

Fruit picking

Group tours to senior citizen friendly places

Visit to schools/ colleges to share lifetime experiences with the younger generation

Talks with experts- dieticians, health care experts, physiotherapists, psychologists

Attend classes to become tech savvy- Zoom, YouTube

Special virtual tours of cities and temples

An evening of shayari, poetry and ghazals

Elders could also host story telling sessions for children especially on festivals and other special occasions. They could share anecdotes from their childhood and talk about the significance of celebrating a particular festival and the rituals associated with it. They could also talk about tried and tested home remedies for regular cuts, burns and little ailments.
With their vast accumulated experience, the elders could also share some golden words of wisdom on how to deal with life on a regular basis with the younger generation which is constantly trying to strike a perfect balance between personal and professional life.