Medicine-Delivery Services

Health is a “ state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of diseases and infirmity”- WHO. With Empathy at the core, Actage is an integrated preventive health care approach leading to healthy and active ageing.


In the present day, medicines by themselves have become a part of our diet. Every meal of the day starts and ends with tablets and syrups. Changes in food habits, lifestyle, atmosphere, and many other factors have resulted in a myriad of illnesses. Medicines in almost every color are being manufactured for each sickness. This increase in the variety of health ailments has escalated the number of pharmacies in and around the cities. Pharmacies are found everywhere and are not confined to hospital zones. Over 800 thousand pharmacies are working in India.

Buying medicines has become like buying groceries. Most of us buy medicine just like we purchase the essentials on the first day of every month. We go to the pharmacy, wait in line, and at times, we get tokens and wait till our number is displayed. When we reach the counter making our way through the rush, we are put into an even more hectic task. Sometimes, they will want us to read out the prescription. Amidst all this, they might miss one or two tablets. Again we have to run to the pharmacy and explain the scenario.

Quite recently, especially during the pandemic, everything became online. To safeguard themselves from the rapid spread of the coronavirus, people started shopping online. Due to the various perks of online shopping, most people have switched to online shopping. Online shopping is time-efficient. It is convenient, comfortable, and less risky. It only takes a few taps with your fingertips on your device. You can place your order and then relax until you get your product delivered.Many products are sold online, medicines are one of them. Many pharmacies have enabled online shopping. You are provided with a variety of pharmacies to choose your medicine from. Aapkilathi has taken another initiative to make your lives easier. With all safety precautions, we ensure you a safe delivery of your required medicines to your doorstep. We are open to serving you as per your requirements. You needn't take the burden of going directly to the pharmacy anymore. Aapkiathi has introduce to the people for Online Medicine in Ranchi.

With Actage, you get the convenience of ordering and getting a chance for Medicine Home Delivery in Ranchi. You can easily upload your prescription on our app and easily avoid the pain of going out. Buying medicine isn't an easy task. Riding to the shop in the traffic, waiting at the counter for the delivery, and driving back home. Not as easy as it sounds. Why take stress when you can sit at home and get your medicines in your comfort. With our doorstep medicine delivery, you need not worry about anything. We assure you of timely delivery. You won't have to go down to the pharmacy.With our service, you can stay safe and healthy at your home with loved ones. You can place your orders online and we will deliver on or before the time. You are just a few touches away from a safe, comfortable and easy life. You are our priority.