Our Elder Care Service in Mumbai

The Home Elder Care service allows you or a loved one to remain at home and continue to enjoy a comfortable routine. Every nurse assistant in our facility has undergone extensive training. To answer your inquiries and provide great customer service, our Employer Assistants are ready to assist you with all your questions. Home care attendants are essential for elders' quality of life. With Empathy at the core, Actage is an integrated preventive health care approach leading to healthy and active ageing.


Democratizing Elderly care and wellness

It is an initiative and moreover an inspiration to democratize the basic essential elements of wellness, engagement and care. Objective is to make this affordable, accessible and available

Key features

Trained and certified Actage Associate including
Single point of connect for anything and everything
Emergency assistance, Personal attention (online and offline), Mental and Emotional Wellness
Medicines delivery, Grocery, Maids, Repair and Maintenance services and other utility services

24*7 Desk for emergencies
Physical Fitness
Monthly Tele/ video consultancy
Monthly diabetic and blood test
Two physiotherapy sessions per month
Monthly dietician consultancy and diet plan
yoga and mental wellness coach

Actage app: Notifications and sharing of your vitals, records and your livingness to anyone you want to share
Aapkilathi flexi plan customers will automatically be liable to exercise 20% discount on all medical tests, vaccinations, radiology and pathology tests and major surgeries*

*in Aapkilathi recommended centres/hospitals/partners

Most affordable elder care plan which cares

Your delight is non-negotiable for us.

3 months subscription
For 2 elders per household
6 months subscription
For 2 elders per household
12 months subscription
For 2 elders per household
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Let your parents know that your love is so much more than the miles between you and them. Subscribe to Care 360- most comprehensive Elderly Home Care plan, to provide healthy ageing and comfortable lifestyle to your parents.

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