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Your search for the best physiotherapist in Mumbai would have brought you here. Or at least to know about physiotherapy. Well, you are at the right place. Take a tour through this article to make your decision. We hope this article answers all your concerns. With Empathy at the core, Actage is an integrated preventive health care approach leading to healthy and active ageing.


When recuperating from a significant accident or surgery, people often seek physical therapy and go through treatment sessions to ease the discomfort that affects their movement and strength. A person may seek physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, for a variety of reasons. the first thing that people think of when any mishap occurs, is the ambulance. But sadly, contacting them at the time of need often turns out to be more painstaking than one could expect.

Physiotherapy is a treatment that plans to fix, keep up with, and work on a patient's movements, capacity, and generally speaking wellbeing. Actual recovery, injury avoidance, and well-being and wellness are generally regions where physiatrics might help. Physiotherapy is a drug-free, chemical free treatment method that provides an exemplary recovery.


Physiotherapists cause you to feel liable for your own restoration. They will teach the patient how to regulate discomfort and move better, as well as what triggers indications to look for in the future to avoid the injury from repeating. You will also avoid further discomfort and downtime as a result of this. They work on both prevention and rehabilitation.

Here is a list of elements the physiotherapists will help you get over:

Muscle and bone disorders cause neck and back discomfort.

Bone, joint, muscle, and ligament disorders.
Arthritis and the repercussions of amputation

Asthma and other lung diseases.
Heart issues have rendered me disabled.
Pelvic issues, such as bladder and bowel issues.
Loss of movement due to brain or spine injuries, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis
Fatigue, soreness, edema, stiffness, and a loss of muscular strength
Pelvic issues, such as bladder and bowel issues.

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Medical centers and hospitals have a separate section for physiotherapy. They treat the aforementioned issues with physiotherapists. There are also physiotherapy centers that provide the therapy. One of the major drawbacks of physiotherapy centers is that they will require the patient’s admission to the hospital or the center for a period of time. During this period, an attendee from the patient’s side will also be asked to stay along with the patient. Many of you would have had this a major concern while you are in need of physiotherapy. Staying away from home for a period of time amidst your busy schedules, traveling from your home with a patient to a therapy center, accompanying the patient for a period of time, expenses for the two people in the center, and many more factors might be going on inside your head while sorting a physiotherapy center.We have made the ambulance service as simple as booking a cab! Actage allows you not only to call an ambulance with a few taps on the app, but it also allows you to do live tracking of the vehicle and information like the name of the drive, etc., and ensures that you receive medical assistance at the earliest.


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In the comfort of your own home, you may receive individualized treatments. The physiotherapists will be able to supply you with better and more appropriate therapy by supervising your complete reports. There is also a wider range of therapy options. The scope of treatment is directly proportional to the time of recovery. When you avail of physiotherapy at home there will be an increased scope of treatment which will catalyze recovery.

It is decided by both the patient's condition and his or her convenience. It is best to undergo physiotherapy at home in some circumstances, such as a post-stroke patient with balance difficulty or paralysis; but, if the condition is mild and you can attend a local clinic without skipping appointments, there is no harm in doing so. For persons who are short on time, physiotherapy at home might be a time-saving alternative.

Finding the correct physio is dependent on the patient's health and the sort of treatment they require. If there is a case of post-surgery, the patient will be sent to an ortho physiotherapist, and in some crucial circumstances, such as a patient with post-stroke, CBP will ensure that he is assigned to expert physiotherapy. Let us use another example: assume a child is suffering from physical discomfort or injury, and he is referred to pediatric physiotherapy. In other circumstances, the patient is unsure of what he is dealing with, whether it is a muscular spasm or a muscle strain, so the physio does an examination to determine the best course of action.