Physiotherapy Service In Ranchi

Best physiotherapy in Ranchi: We at Aapkilathi are Ranchi's top physiotherapy service providers. Our physiotherapists are well educated, committed and experienced. They diagnose patients with a superb methodology and in a practical way .They promote stability and normal bodily function so that elderly people can return to their daily activities. The staff also provides hands-on care to patients of all ages.The physiotherapists specialise in lessening lower back pain, hip, ankle, and shoulder injuries. They also help you to practise exercise, such as electrotherapy. rehabilitation exercises and cervical spine injuries.


What Makes You the Best Physiotherapist Service Provider in Ranchi?

Aapkilathi is one of Ranchi's top and most reputable physiotherapy facility providers. The rehabilitation of elderly people with neurological, physical, and mental disorders and disabilities is a specialty of our physiotherapists.They give patients routine examinations to reassess and evaluate. Aapkilathi and its team keep the surroundings hygienic, clean and green so that we can always uplift the moods of old people and help them recover fast.They conduct an analysis of the issue's underlying causes and provide the necessary medical therapy. Also, any type of physical pain is treated by them.The team of physiotherapists offer services such as mobilisations, strains, arthritis, cervical traction, manipulation, strengthening, manual therapy, interferential therapy, taping, short wave, orthopaedic & lumbar traction.

Physio and Spine Therapy

Physiotherapy at Home in Ranchi: Aapkilathi excels at treating patients' illnesses through various physical therapies. Our staff also has vast experience in treating musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries.They offer each patient a personalised home workout programme. They feature friendly surroundings, cutting-edge methods to treat your discomfort, and outstanding approaches.


Why should you choose Aapkilathi Physiotherapist?

Verified Physiotherapist
When it comes to employing specialists, Aapkilathi keeps a high standard. Because of this, the physiotherapy practitioners listed on our website go through a rigorous screening procedure.
To make the most significant day of elderly people's lives simpler and less complicated, we adapt to the old people's sensitive atmosphere so they feel relaxed and share what they believe.
Our service continues to be focused on the requirements of the elderly, from offering outstationed services to the variety of goods used.

Individual Care
Through Aapkilathi, you can get in touch with physiotherapists, doctors, and other professionals who can give you individualised treatment and tailored therapy in the convenience of your own home.
Pelvic issues like bowel and bladder issues.
Back pain and neck pain.
Sports injuries.
Heel, food and ankle pains.
Chronic pain syndromes.

*in Aapkilathi recommended centres/hospitals/partners


When a patient is facing an immediate emergency and they require a physio, they have to rush to the hospitals in search of therapists. People get tensed when they don’t find a proper hospital or if physiotherapists aren’t available. Similarly, the other drawback is that they require the patients to get admitted to the hospital for a period of time until the treatment gets over. And the patient should be accompanied by an attendee to take care of them all the time.

Aapkilathi’s Physiotherapist services provide you with all the services at your home itself. We have experienced and professional physiotherapists, who are ready to serve you at Ranchi. Patients who aren’t able to travel to hospitals for their therapies can get the service of our Physiotherapists by staying back at home. Aapkilathi is happy to serve the people of Ranchi with Physiotherapy services. Our aim is to give you the utmost care and treatment without you undergoing any difficulties. Some of you may be having a busy schedule, and may not have time to take your loved ones to therapists, this service is exclusively for you people. You don’t need to worry about the appointments, we will plan a proper schedule for the upcoming treatment sessions. We also have an ambulance service which can be made a booking in a simple way through our Actage app. You are even given the option of tracking the vehicle. We assure you a rapid ambulance service and make sure you receive the medical assistance at the earliest. Our well-trained physiotherapists are ready all the time to help you relieve your pain. We provide you with the best and the most convenient treatment at your home. You are a few taps away from a stress-free and pain-free treatment. Aapkilathi is privileged to serve you with the Best Physiotherapists in Ranchi right at your doorstep.



What are you waiting for? Go on, book a licensed Physiotherapy at Home in Ranchi from Aapkilathi and have the treatment at your home. Our certified and experienced physiotherapists are looking forward to serving you.

1Why should I visit Aapkilathi?

You can count on a dependable and skilled physiotherapist at your disposal who is driven by a commitment to friendly service. The service typically lasts up to 45 minutes, but this is still absolutely arbitrary.

2 How many appointments are necessary to notice improvement?

This varies depending on the patient and the illness. In general, the faster the recuperation, the more consistently the workouts are performed.

3Is physiotherapy a good option for elbow or neck pain?

Absolutely! Spinal disorders are treated by physiotherapists who specialise in this field. They employ a variety of strategies, including communication, mobilisation, and manipulation.

4 Is physiotherapy equivalent to massage?

No, physiotherapy adopts a problem-solving strategy that is physically oriented. Massages are just one of the therapy approaches that are employed.

5 Is there a minimum age requirement to receive physiotherapy?

Absolutely, any age group can adhere to the treatment.If you want to hire physiotherapists in Ranchi, approach Aapkilathi and avail physiotherapy services at home.